We are committed to deliver unique precision agronomy solutions while paring it with experience and cutting-edge technology.

The multi facet integration of various platforms stays scientifically grounded making it possible to offer a customised and unique program to fit a grower’s unique circumstances and goals.

Proactive analytical insight, practical yet dynamic solutions - we are changing the narrative, zoning in on the central balance, fusing the true equilibrium of nature, science and technology together. A sustainable partnership :

Cultivating Growth.... Delivering Excellence


Merging agriculture, horticulture, and geo-technology into a revolving holistic - intelligence to fit your needs and goals but also to expand your production intelligence.


Valuable industry partnerships, staying current with new and innovative research mitigate the path to development while raising the bar to a alternative level where the static turns into real production solutions but not without careful investigation and analytics.


Offering a successful team with exposure and experiences that reaches local, provincial, national and international boundaries. A team known for their passion, knowledge, innovation and forward thinking.

This high standard makes us adamant to work closely with you and your team, shaping and forming the next chapter in your production success but also to build a lasting and sustainable partnership together. Balance is key!

Box 159



S0K 4V0


Land Location:    NE 20-37-17 W2

Coordinates:       52°12'05.0"N 104°23'23.9"W

From Watson:     8 km north on highway 6 &
                             8 km east on Green Meadow Road

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